We Specialize In

Providing our clients various healthcare solutions & tools such as:

1- Full fledged -Hospital Information System (HIS/EMR system) including:

            A. Electronic medical records (HIS/EMR system) with high end features of interoperability capabilities &  fully compliant with Cybersecurity standards & requirements.

            B. Telehealth Platform

2 – Revenue Cycle Management automation with claims management and revenue generation.

3 – Enterprise Research and Grants Operations Software.

4 – Artificial inelegance (AI)& Augmented Reality -Surgery Vision solution “ a  virtual reality solution, which helps surgeons to perform better by providing hundreds of separate CT/MRI slices in a single stereoscopic 3D model with advanced (automated)  planning tools .

5 – Artificial inelegance (AI):An interpretation tool that screens for tuberculosis and other abnormalities